1) Experience has shown that the Section blocks can suffer from contraction porosity, with the originals suffering corrosion porosity. Indeed one new block was found, when finish bored, to have voids making it necessary to fit liners. In either case having the block resin impregnated effects a permanent cure for any water/oil leakage and is recommended.

2) This has been turned leaving discs for the cams, with a grinding allowance on the bearing journals, a large allowance on the drive end for machining after hardening, and the gear has been cut for the oil pump drive. The mating gear for the oil pump is included. Blanks in later stages of production can be supplied, price dependant on production stage.

3) The magneto platform on the new crankcases is at least 1/8 inch too high. After machining this then appears somewhat thin for adequate strength, so we suggest welding in a stiffener, finish machined to appear as original.

4) We have made a jig for the drilling of the timing covers, which is also useable on the crankcases. Tooling has also been made to spot face for the sump bolts, giving a flat seating for the bolt heads. All hole dimensions are as original, allowing for interchange of parts as required. The square locations for the main bearing cap studs also require cleaning out and the special nuts on the tops of these studs need the round part lengthening to seat correctly, avoiding problems of tensioning and oil seepage.

5) It has come to our notice that the studs provided with the new blocks are threaded UNF on the nut end. Should you wish to keep to one type of spanner on your engine we can supply complete sets of studs of either UNF or BSF thread.The studs provided with the block for Sir Clive Martin’s engine were threaded too long on the end screwed into the block, hence bottoming out. These should be machined off to lock up at the end of thread.
Our collar nuts are high tensile, with a flange on the bottom to give a better bearing area. They are made with a nut size one size down, leaving room for a ring spanner. BSF or UNF to order.
A complete set of nuts, bolts & studs for assembly of the engine can be provided as listed.

6) The distance from the starter motor flange to the ring gear, on the Phoenix crank & flywheel, is incorrect if the starter is bolted direct to the engine bearer, only allowing the pinion to half engage. We have made a spacer to correct this.

7) The only part not included in this is the cylinder head. Our experience with one head has shown a tendency to run some 12-15 degrees C hotter than the original. Machining out the outlet from head and fairing the water passages as far as possible has not effected a cure. Assembly can be using either original or new head, any extra work required being quoted separately.

8) We fully balanced Sir Clive Martin’s engine, and whilst the crank, rods & flywheel are not bad, there is an improvement to be found. The perfection of the engine balance made very apparent the parlous balance of the clutch & prop shaft. Our new dimentially accurate clutches and propshafts, especially when also balanced, make it possible to rev your new engine to obtain its full potential.